Hello Friend,

Let me tell you a little about me. My name is Edgar Magellan and I’m on a journey to travel and explore the world! I was born in captivity and would love your help escaping. My dream is to be free in the outdoors, and see what is out there for me. 

This is my travel case to keep me safe in all the journeys that you and I will go on. Inside is a maze I cant seem to solve, but I hope you can help me solve it to escape captivity. That way you and I can begin our journey. I would also like to take pictures of our journey so we can collect them all, and post them on Instagram, so we can remember how much fun we’ve had. 

Use#chillingwithmagellan andfollow me @iamedgarmagellan on Instagram and twitter. I’m so happy you found me, being in captivity can be scary and lonely, but now I have you! We are goingto be best friends!